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We offer a variety of Naturopathic services as well as hosting FREE monthly educational learning opportunities

Meet Our Practitioners

Med Spa Practitioner - Ana Eberly, CCT, CNC

Ana Eberly, CCT, CNC

The Healing Approach

Colon Hydrotherapy & Detoxification

Phone: 517.404.9640

Website: www.healingapproach.net


“Our body's natural detoxification system is designed to support our health by eliminating waste products from our metabolism and from environmental toxins. Like any other hardworking system, it needs periodic rest and support to continue functioning optimally. Eighty percent of all illnesses start in the large intestine. As a premier colonic and detox specialist, hydrotherapy of the colon is considered a critical adjunctive therapy in over-all health care!”


Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment - $75

BioMat Session - $30 per half hour/$45 per hour

Ionic Cleanse Foot Bath - $50 

*Packages available for all services

Med Spa Practitioner - Karen Hummer, CNC

Karen Hummer, CNC

Hair Analysis

Phone: 810.225.7300


“It’s All About Balancing Our Nutrients”

As an adjunct method used for indicating the presence of toxic substances, hair analysis makes an assessment of interacting, toxic and biologically essential elements in the body through hair samples. Long-term heavy metal burden can be linked to the health of an individual. Knowing this will reflect the effect of supplementation when mineral deficiencies are found.



Lab Fee and One Hour Consultation - $128

Med Spa Practitioner - Lana Clark, CNC

Lana Clark, CNC

Peace of Mind Coach

Phone: 248.787.0925


“Peace is the foundation to health.”


Based on the belief that the mind, body, spirit and emotions are more than just connected, they are One; Lana offers a holistic approach to feeling healthy and content.  Trained in Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as, EFT or Tapping, Energy healing and Holistic nutrition, together we will come up with an individualized plan to assist you on your healing journey.  

When we are stuck in our patterns of past trauma or abuse, addictions or fear-based thoughts of not feeling “good enough”, it starts to take a toll on our physical health, emotional health and our relationships with ourselves and others.  It’s time to move forward and gain back your personal sense of empowerment, self-love and acceptance.


Peace of Mind Package   4- 1 hour sessions $420

1 hour Energy Healing $90

1 Hour EFT Session $120

Energy Healing Package $320

28 day Gut Health Package $120

Includes 30 minutes phone consultation, 2- 30 minute consultations, a meal plan, supplement plan and recipes.


Dr. Torri Chapman ND, CNHP

Naturopathic Traditions
Doctor of Naturopathy
Phone 810.355.6892
Dr. Torri is passionate about building a strong base foundation that is crucial to sustainable health and healing. She believes each person is made up of their own unique specifics and the root of each dis-ease or imbalance is also unique. 
Traditional Naturopathy focuses on optimizing your lifestyle and prevention. Clients are coached on applying natural lifestyle methods to enable the body's own innate healing abilities. We optimize nutrition, remove toxic stressors, open detoxification pathways and nourish organs and glands. This restores homeostasis and brings your body to another level of health.

True healing is a process, as every body has its own individually unique story.

Making a commitment to YOU is how we create lasting, positive change. 

Together we bring balance back!


~Full Evaluation - $450

4 Appointment Package


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, pH Test, Nutrition Consult, Iridology, and Bach Flower Therapy. 1 free custom Bach remedy


~Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) - $300

3 Appointment Package

pH Test and comprehensive laboratory report revealing specific level of minerals and heavy metals in the body.

~Nutrition Consultation - $200

3 Appointment Package


Nutrition plan specifically customized for your body's need. Includes 20+ easy recipes, grocery shopping list and food log. 


Additional Follow Up - 1/2 hr  $50


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