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The World of Flower Essences Therapy


SPEAKER: Joanmarie Vanaski, DHom, CNT

Tuesday, August 20th

6- 7:30 PM


The phrase ‘life-changing’ can raise all kinds of emotions – excitement, anxiety, a feeling of being overwhelmed. When we think of changing our mind, we often believe it has to be a big drastic act that we hope will bring about a 360 degrees of change. But that’s not always what we need, nor is it often achievable. Real change take place with small, regular steps in the RIGHT direction. In fact, while you may start too big, you can never start too small!

Emotional well being is at the heart of our daily lives. Whether we are happy, fearful, excited or angry, our emotions can influence the way we approach our daily activities. Every decision we make is governed by our state of mind in some small way, so having healthy emotional fitness is essential to living a full, and balanced life. We invite you to open yourself to the world of flower essences! “The Mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it and see a better world.”


Our FREE Workshop includes topics such as:


-How to identify your real feelings and exactly what causes you stress 
-Little known facts about the flowers, their essences and how they can help you 
-The power of vibration and resonance and it’s signaling capacity for body and mind 
-Why Bach divided the essences into 7 groups 
-Learn a cameo of selected remedies and their appropriate application 
-How to know with certainty that you're taking the right remedies 
-Edward Bach history and philosophy 
-The right way to use the essences and about Rescue Remedy. 

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