Meet our Staff!

Karen Hummer, CNC - Owner

 Karen Hummer, CNC


Karen is a respected and experienced certified nutritional consultant. She studied with the Nutrition Institute of America. She has been in the health and wellness industry for over 36 years. Her education includes course work from Viotron International, along with hundreds of hours of product training from top manufacturers. She also holds a Manager Certification form Serve Safe Michigan Food Safety. Karen is a member of the Non-GMO Project and the Celiac Foundation. At age 19, Karen was searching for healthy alternatives to begin a healthier approach to life. She began by representing companies such as Twin Lab and Rachel Perry Cosmetics. In 1990, she opened her first health food store in downtown Brighton.  After having her family, she opened up Natural View Market, which has been in operation since 2009.  Her expertise is Hair Analysis: a diagnostic tool that is very helpful in determining nutritional imbalances and food intolerances regarding food allergies, as she has been gluten free for over 17 years. Her reputation for helping people improve their lifestyle is well-known in the Brighton area. 

Dr. Torri Chapman, ND - Manager

Dr. Torri Chapman, ND

Manager, Community Educator


Torri is passionate about the natural realm and believes every body has the ability to heal itself. She is a Naturopathic Doctor through Trinity School of Natural Health. She also has received many hours of training from top companies such as Garden of Life and Megafood. She facilitates scheduled "learning opportunities" at Natural View Market for the community. Her and her husband Michael live in Fowlerville, and have plans for children on a small homestead.  She has been part of the Natural View Team for over 7 years and is one of our managers in the store. She is always researching new high quality, allergen friendly foods to bring in to the store. Her interests in this industry sparked after witnessing a close friend heal from cancer after switching to holistic treatments. This led her on the path of constant discovery of revealing fact from fiction in the health and food industry. Her areas of expertise include using authentic whole food nutrition, probiotics and essential oils.  She is grateful for having co-workers and customers who are always enlightening her with new and different healing therapies.   

Store Manager

Pat Darga, CNT

Store Manager


Pat is also a Certified Nutritional Therapist from Health Sciences Academy, who has obtained many credit hours through training with Viotron International, Metagenics, studying under gastroenterologist Dr. Jack Kornberg, and is a Certified Enzyme Expert with Enzymedica. As a stay-at-home-mom for 15 years, she wandered into the retail world of the health food industry, not knowing much in the field of health and nutrition. Her experience, though, opened her eyes as to how traditional medicine could be detrimental to one’s health as she experienced the healthier alternatives that natural supplementation has to offer. She came to the Natural View Market in 2012, where she continues her education. She loves helping people with non-threatening health issues, and is gratified when customers come back and share their health improvements thereafter. Her knowledge extends to Standard Process Nutritional Supplement Protocols, and hormonal balancing. Educating customers is her priority. 

Joanmarie Vaneski, Sales Associate



Sales Associate


Joanmarie was a competitively trained athlete since the age of 9 years. Her passion and interest was both in dance and Synchronized Swimming. After many years of training as an elite competitor she received a scholarship to swim at The Ohio State University where she won an Intercollegiate National Championship title and was awarded an All American ranking. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education and went on to become an assistant coach for the OSU Synchronized Swim Team. In 1982 she was invited to become the assistant coach for a prestigious synchronized swim team in Walnut Creek California. In 1984 she was elected as a consulting coach for the United States Olympic Synchronized Swim Team held in Los Angeles, California.

Joanmarie has been a wellness coach and educator for over 25 years. She specializes in custom Energetic Formulations for Dancers and Athletes to balance pain management, internal emotional stressors, mental focus, energy and stamina. But you don’t have to be a dancer to benefit from the successful recommendations she offers to everyone.

She received her certification through Health Sciences Academy in the UK, in collaboration with Imperial College London and is a licensed member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, and a member of the Michigan Naturopathic Association. To support her knowledge she is also involved in CPD Certified Accreditation for continuing her professional development.

She specializes in the study of homeopathy, herbs, plant nutrition, Gemmotherapy and Flower Essences. She supports the concept of bio individual nutritional recommendations and prioritize according to those goals.

Mary Ann Argue, Sales Associate

Mary Ann Argue

Sales Associate


Mary Ann was introduced into the world of vitamins and nutritional supplements in her early twenties. She began working under the guidance of her mother, who managed a local health food store. She had already adapted a healthy lifestyle through fitness and good food choices, but the early experience really supported her lifelong goals. She holds an Associates Degree in Computer Science from Lawrence Technological University, and has studied under gastroenterologist Dr. Jack Kornberg. Mary Ann has been thoroughly trained through top vendors like Garden of Life and Nordic Naturals. Mary Ann has always been fascinated in the health food industry and she feels privileged to have the opportunity to work at Natural View Market, sharing her knowledge with others. She is passionate about helping people to take charge of their health by helping them understand how natural vitamins and supplements play an important role in achieving their goals.

Dr. Timothy Hertzberg, ND - Sales Associate

Dr. Timothy Hertzberg, ND

Sales Associate, Community Educator


Dr. Timothy Hertzberg is a board certified naturopathic doctor through the American Naturopathic Medical association. He studied at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  He is also a board certified medical acupuncturist through the National Board Certification agency. His journey in natural health started in his secondary years of education when he experienced severe adrenal fatigue. After an exhaustive search for help, he found a naturopathic doctor who gave him hope for his present and future health. His expertise is in Homeopathy, Intrinsic Data Field Therapy, non-invasive forms of analysis such as Iridology, Nutritional Response Testing, essential oil therapy, herbs and more. He facilitates scheduled "learning opportunities" at Natural View Market for the community. He is extensively educated and knowledgeable on many alternative healing therapies. He loves real, whole food nutrition, and advocates it exclusively to customers. His gentle demeanor makes him highly approachable and effective while working with his clients. Dr. Hertzberg can be found on the sales floor, as well as upstairs in our Wellness MedSpa during his office hours. 

Stacey Whitman - Sales Associate

Stacey Whitman

Sales Associate


Stacey started working at Natural View Market while she was in high school. She maintains the most important aspect of the store by making it an impeccably fresh atmosphere, keeping the store sparkling clean and organized. Her favorite part of working at the Market is being part of the “family”.  She loves learning new things every time she comes into work. Stacey is drawn to the field of health and wellness because she likes knowing that she has the power to make good health choices, allowing her to live her life to the fullest potential.  

Meghan Argue - Sales Associate

Meghan Argue

Sales Associate


Meghan has been in the health food industry for about 3 years.  Her family has been working in the natural realm for three generations, making it only natural for her to pursue a career here at Natural View Market. Complications during her pregnancy encouraged Meghan to make healthier lifestyle choices. After becoming a mother, she began her journey of lifestyle changes and dedicated herself to be her healthiest, for her and her son. Through dietary changes and therapeutic supplementation, she has avoided surgery, lost a tremendous amount of weight, and improved her overall well-being.  Meghan has been educated through Oakland Community College and received her Associates in Business, as well as an Accounting Certificate. She has a strong passion for learning and keeping herself educated. She attends Garden of Life trainings and stays current to educate our customers and help guide them to be their healthiest.

Audrey Uhde - Sales Associate

Audrey Uhde

Sales Associate


Audrey is a certified yoga instructor and Reiki Master and currently studying Ayurvedic Medicine. She has an extensive background as an educator with the state of Michigan.  She began her journey to holistic healing about six years ago when she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia . Unimpressed with her options with conventional medicine, she started looking for a more natural way of healing. In her research, she found the key to all around good health is dependent on 4 things: diet, exercise, meditation, and supplementation. So, she changed her lifestyle to incorporate all four.  She is happy to bring what she has discovered to Natural View Market and continue to educate herself in the Holistic and Natural realms of healing.

Lori Novak

Sales Associate


Learning about natural remedies and healthy lifestyles is Lori's passion.  She is a licensed aesthetician, and believes that a great skin care routine is a must!  She is also an advocate of using essential oils for health and home.  Working at Natural View Market incorporates all of these interests and helps promote a healthy lifestyle for herself and for our customers.  In her free time,  she cares for her husband, two step children,  and three fur babies.