January Newsletter

*Fresh Start January* 
It's Back!! 
3-Day Smoothie DTOX Program!

Clean out holiday gunk with this nutritious smoothie program! 

Maximize micronutrient intake. 
Restore your system and give digestion a well deserved break. 
Each contains a mix of organic and MI sourced fruits, greens and proteins. 
All are gluten, soy and dairy FREE. No Added sugar!
Pick 3 consecutive days - Receive 4 smoothies per day
AND the best part.....offered at a discounted rate of - 

ONLY $99! 

Includes instructions, gift with purchase and free shaker cup. 


Sign Up for 
"Gut Back to Health" Group Detox Program (details below) 
with Lana Clark, CNC 
and Receive a discount on Smoothies! 

* Sign up for both programs at the same time and get the 
Smoothie Dtox Program for discounted rate of $89 - 
plus a FREE nutritional supplement of your choice! 

Call to reserve your time or for details 
New Year 
"Gut Back to Health" 
28 day Group Detox Program 

Join us Tuesdays- January 9, 16, 23 & 30 

Group Leader: Lana Clark, CNC
Start the New Year off by getting your "Gut back to health" 

Join Lana Clark, CNC and Peace of Mind Coach for a group program designed to improve your mood and health by focusing on re-balancing friendly bacteria, eliminating foods that feed harmful microbes and boosting your motivation and self worth.
This program includes:
  • 4- 1 hour meetings in a group that will support and encourage you through the detox
  • Meal plan
  • A list of Lana's favorite supplements for detoxing and re-balancing
  • Grocery list
  • A Meal Planner
  • EFT support on food cravings and motivation.
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Regular cost of the program is $90 - but this New Year it's only$27*! 

WARNING: Participants may lose weight and improve their complexion. 

3 ways to SIGN UP NOW: 

Call Lana 248.787.0925 
Natural View Market810.225.7300 
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*Payment due before or upon arrival of first class. Check or cash only please 

Learning Opportunity 

Detox and Heal with Plant Stem Cells 

Thursday, January 18th 

Speaker: Dr. Timothy Hertzberg, ND
Dr. Timothy introduces the botanical system of healing known asGemmotherapy 
(aka Plant Stem Cell Therapy). 

Gemmotherapy employs plant buds rich in 
-potent growth factors 
-nucleic acids 
-meristematic cells 
-vitamins & minerals 

These buds and young rootlets possess affinities for particular tissues in the human body and safely encourage intra- and extracellular detoxification, known as biotherapeutic drainage, allowing the body to repair weak or damaged cells. 

Reserve your seat! 

Call 810.225.7300 
Click to sign up on 
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Image result for nordic naturals 

High Quality Fish Oils 
Strict purity standards 
Third-party tested for contaminants 

Heart health, Brain health
Overall Support 

20% OFF 

(Excludes professional label) 




-Attention and memory formulas- 
-NEW FLAVORS of Kids Chewable Probiotics!- 


See what our Wellness Med Spa practitioners have to offer!
  • Colon Hydrotherapy & Detoxification
  • Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor
  • Peace of Mind Coach - Cerified Nutrition Consultant