All of our Healthy Lifestyle Events are located on the second level of our store in the Wellness MedSpa. New events are posted each month.

Free Learning Opportunities

Infant Massage Tutorial

4 week - 1 Hour sessions

Saturday April 1st, 8th, 15th, & 22nd

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Where: 2nd level at Natural View Market


Guest Speaker: Certified infant massage educator Kim Eichstead from “A Peace of Eden”

DONATION BASED CLASS- For all moms and their infants under 12 months of age.

What families need the most is to connect, communicate, and have a community of support. Infant massage is a great resource with many benefits! This hands on series will give moms the technique to boost their child’s immune system, get digestive systems moving, assist with colic, sleep and best of all experience interchange of love and connection. Light snacks and a take home will be offered. This class has a LIMITED registration so sign up soon!. Call Kim at 810-923-8534 for details and reservations.



Introduction to Muscle Response Testing- Restore the Body

Thursday April 13th


Where: 2nd level at Natural View Market


Guest Speakers: Corey Muzik, NHP. CPT.

& Jennifer Meyer, HHP.



Are you constantly seeking help to understand your health issues? This informative program will teach you how to read your body, every organ system and glands. Learn what areas of your body are weak and exactly what kind of nutrition and supplementation is needed to restore balance. You will learn the basic test points and how to tell strengths and deficiencies. An introduction to herbs and supplements will be discussed and how they apply to your tested areas. Call 810-225-7300 to reserve your seat

Gut Health & Happiness

Thursday April 20th

6:00 PM- 7:00 PM

Where: 2nd level at Natural View Market


Speaker: Lana Clark, C.N.C.



Improve digestive health, mood and over-all quality of life. Learn why the mind and gut are connected. This program is geared toward balancing mood, cleansing and rebuilding the gut, clear skin issues and implement change in gut health. Lana’s expertise and knowledge will be a motivating factor for this very critical aspect in health and well-being. Call 810-225-7300 to reserve your seat!

A New Path to Emotional Well-being- Emotional Detox

Based on Dr. Andrew Weil’s teachings

Thursday April 27th

6:00 Pm- 7:30 PM

Where: 2nd level at Natural View Market


Speaker: Joanmarie Vanaski, CNT.



Incorporate strategies that will increase emotional wellness. Learn to personalize your strategy to reach your unique goals. 4 video presentations on Dr. Weil’s approach will be viewed. This opportunity is community oriented and includes a Workshop Manual that keeps you on track holding the keys to refreshing clarity and practical wisdom. Targeted nutritional support will be discussed. This class will have LIMITED seating! Call 810-225-7300

Ladies Night Out! 

Thursday May 4th 5-10pm



Always a PARTY at NVM!

Super sales on facial care and cosmetics-FREE samples and goodie bags-meet all of our product ambassadors- A FREE professional make-over by VIRTVE cosmetics-Experience elegance and fun with a tasty surprise cocktail!



5-6PM! (pre-party fun!) Upstairs at NVM!!


“COOLING THOSE HOT FLASHES with Natural Remedies”

Guest speaker: Julia King, ND


Julia King, Traditional Naturopath and author of “Hormone Health – Naturally”, will be sharing the causes of and suggest the tools to dial down that surging “summer” heat including herbs, essential oils, homeopathics and lifestyle tweaks.