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Volume 1 - A Syllabus for Winter Wellness!


The Goal:

  1. Strengthen & nourish
  2. Prevent that run-down feeling
  3. Strategy for long-term prevention from infection
  4. Enjoy medicinal foods, nutrition and essential oil benefit

Herbs to keep us healthy:


Astragalus- long-term immune restorative enhances our “protective Qi”

Reishi - protects many organ systems- the elixir of life!

Cordyceps- increases energy and protects upper respiratory organs

Ashwagandha- adaptogen for exhaustion or for someone who experiences frequent illnesses

Elderberry- premier herb that stops the cold & flu in its tracts.


Foods to keep us healthy:


Miso- for healthy gut bacteria. Best eaten in the morning.

Bone Broth- a warming winter soup that strengthens the whole body. Infuse it with dried Astragalus & dried Reishi and lots of root veggies.

Rose-hip Tea- high in Vitamin C.

Spices- add warming spices and seasoning to your foods such as Ginger, Fennel, Cinnamon, Garlic, Cardamom to improve digestion, as antimicrobials and to increase circulation.


Nutrients that keep us healthy:


Vitamin D- the watchdog for our immune system. Increases the number of proteins used to fight infection. Use 5-10,000 IU for adults

Zinc- prevents occurring, excessive or out of control inflammatory response 


Essential Oils that keep us healthy:


To be used in a diffuser 1/2 hour - 45 minutes 3 times a day. 


Holy  Basil- Eases respiratory ailments and is antiviral as well as antibacterial.

Ravintsara- builds immunity and alleviates congestion



These immune-modulating strategies have a proven record to help you stay well and  all winter long!

Volume 2 - Solutions for a Dry Cough

First and foremost, realize that the symptoms the body expresses are a coping mechanism used in healing and recovery and not just a mere signal to prove you are undergoing illness. Secondly, the mucus produced at the onset of a cold is genetically engineered and tailored as an antibiotic paste to wash out any infection and it needs to flow freely, thin and clear,  preventing further complications.

When a dry cough is unproductive and the mucus becomes stuck, is yellow or green, then it’s time for an herbal demulcent and an anti-spasmodic to quell the irritation/cough reflex, as well as moisturize the mucosal membranes.

The two herbs you should reach for are  Marshmallow and Linden Tree. Marshmallow will soothe, while the Linden will calm and quiet the cough.

If the cough comes from the chest, then add Poplar (Cineole, a compound found in Black Poplar can help break up chest congestion and is an obvious choice when battling deeper bronchiole issues). Use herbal Elecampane to initiate and stimulate drainage. 


Lastly, consuming warm soups, broth and hot teas for extra hydration is highly recommended.  Get well soon!

Belladonna Nutrition Dynamic, LLC does not in any way seek to impose certain views on readers, but rather to encourage them to seek out any professional help they may need (in whatever form that may take) and discover what works for them. This said, we do not advocate that any of the information on this blog be taken as medical guidance or advice, but that it merely act as a platform for enquiry so that readers may explore new ways of looking at health.